How Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) Can Be Useful Before Renting A Car?

How Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) Can Be Useful Before Renting A Car?

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It is strongly recommended that you must be properly insured before you rent a car in France or anywhere else every time. In many European countries, the car rental companies take the liability to insuring both you and the car. In France too, you can get a wide range of packages that will cover you, the vehicle as well as the third-party if you unfortunately meet with an accident. While you’re off for a vacation or a business tour anywhere, before renting a vehicle, make sure the service provider will offer you the insurance.

But if you don’t get such service, you must go for the investment and drive the car without any tension. Moreover, if you are driving in a foreign land and still new to the traffic rules and driving dos and don’ts – there are chances to come across with accidents.  But if you have authorized documents and insurance that covers you fully, you don’t have to pay a single penny even when you are hospitalized. Besides, there are such insurances that ensure that they will pay your family or the nominee if you die in the accident.

Personal Accident Insurance or better known as PAI is one of the most sought after insurances that you must consider checking before stepping out with the rental car. Though according to many, this is expensive, but PAI will pay you for all your injuries. Even if you die in an accident when driving the hired car you will be paid. Across the European countries, PAI is a popular insurance coverage that is trusted and accepted by most drivers before they kick start driving the hired cars.

If you are availing the service, ask them whether you will be covered by your travel insurance policy or through the credit card via which you have paid the rental. Different insurance companies have different norms they draft in the Terms and Conditions pages. So, check all the pointers minutely before selecting the company to purchase the PAI insurance.

If required, you can take professional support before purchasing the PAI. Finally, take some time in reading the full document before you sign the rental agreement. Don’t be fooled or misguided by the desk agents that always try to manipulate people to invest on more insurances to earn more commissions. You should undergo ample research before choosing a reliable service provider to rent a car in Monaco or anywhere else.

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