5 Warning Signs That You Need To Change Your Car’s Brake Pads

5 Warning Signs That You Need To Change Your Car’s Brake Pads

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Purchasing a car is just the beginning, you have to ensure regular maintenance of your car especially your brakes. The brakes are one of the most significant features for any automobile owner and it is also the key to the upkeep of the vehicle for a long-term ownership. To our utmost dismay, brake maintenance is often ignored by most drivers. Regular maintenance of your brakes can avert repair costs in the long run and keep your vehicle in its best condition to avoid collision or accidents.

In the bid to properly maintain your brake system, you must pay close attention to the following signs:

#1: Is your Brake Pedal Vibrating?

This occurs every time you press your foot down on your brake pad and you feel a vibration when you apply the brakes. This is also known as pulsating brakes. This vibration is as a result of worn out brakes or brakes warped due to heat. The brakes are either re-machined or replaced to remedy the issue.

#2: do your Brake Pads Appear Too Thin

There are various visual cues one must be vigilant about that would keep you updated when you need to get new brake pads. Get your brake pads checked and observe its condition. Look through the car wheel’ spokes on the current brake pads. If your pads appear too thin, then they need to be replaced.

#3: are the Brakes Making a Clicking Noise

When your brakes start making clicking noise each time you apply them. So when you hear a rattling or clicking noise caused by depression of your brake pads, therefore, you may need to get them replaced. This is because most manufacturers attach a device that prevents the brake pads from rattling upon depression.

#4: Are they Making a Screeching Sound

Also, anytime you fully apply the brakes, listen for a high-pitched, screeching noise. This is caused by the small metal shim surrounding the brake pads. It is an indicator that you need to replace the brake pads. The pitch varies and can’t be heard if the windows are up, so pay a close attention.

#5: Are the Brakes Making a Grinding Sound

When you hear a grinding sound each time you press your foot on your pads, it is bad news. This is because not only do you have to change the brake pads, but the brake disks as well. You can replace them with Cross Drilled Rotors.  Have them looked at by a qualified mechanic. Regular inspection of brake pads will prevent the need to replace expensive brake parts.

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